Lady GaGa: Fashion Icon or Fashion Fake?

9 Oct

This is a touchy subject.

Lady GaGa is the Marmite of Fashion. You either love her or hate her.

  At the beginning of GaGas rise to fame, her fashion sense was at most odd. She rocked onto our music channels in a handmade swimsuit, chunky blonde fringe and a Bowie bolt under her eye. Not the norm, but pretty minimal for the GaGa we now know. But don’t think she wasn’t a budding fashionista at that point. When she was signed to her label they gave her a $3000 budget for clothes. Instead of buying a wardrobes worth, GaGa bought TWO outfits. And because she turned up in the same clothes all the time, the fashion world wasn’t interested in her.

But she was ready to rock the world and rock she did.

The thing that made her stand out was the creative team she has called “Haus Of GaGa”. It was developed from the idea of Andy Warhol‘s Factory as The Lady herself is a big fan of.

“Warhol said art should be meaningful in the most shallow way,” Gaga explained in an interview. “He was able to make commercial art that was taken seriously as fine art … that’s what I’m doing too.”

She got a bunch of her most creative friends, sat in a room and flooded her ideas to them. The team of photographers, designers, creative directors, choreographers and make up artists made her imagination come to life in outfits, music videos and concepts. They were the ones who created the disco stick, the bubble dress and piano (a favorite of mine) and other bits that made GaGa stand out.

The point I started to really look at her as a fashion influence, was in the video for “Paparazzi”. I was in a motel in Queensland, Australia watching a music channel after surfing in the morning and the song, woman and clothes stunned me. I ADORED the Clara Bow lips signature circle frame sunglasses! The concept, the movement, everything threw me, I was in love with GaGa.

After that video, in my opinion, she became a trend setter. Sure the bows made of hair were on sale in Primark before that, but they were worn by trashy chavs. GaGa started to drop the trash image and started to stand out. It’s the same time the tea-cup made its first appearance and when some designers started to get interested.

But in 2010, Lady GaGa met Nicola Formichetti whose a renowned fashion director and editor and she explain that it was “Love at first sight”. Both synced up together and he became Haus of GaGa‘s “Creative Director

Since then, her look has become more sophisticated and designers have been begging to dress her. All her clothes are designers one offs which have been getting crazier and more publicly noticed. So you must think how an earth do they come up with it? Most people think it’s from GaGa’s mental imagination, but it’s not that simple…….
TWO WORDS and you’ll know where the meat dress, heel-less heels, latex barley-there-dresses and crazy lace ideas came from. TORTURE GARDEN. And it’s not a new thing.

If you are unaware of what Torture Garden is, here’s a little bio. Torture garden was created by David Wood in 1990 London, a club night for all fetish fans to go enjoy and live out their wildest fantasies. it’s not as extreme as German Fetish shows, but still pretty eye-opening for people who are not aware of the fetish scene and what it consists of. Live shows, like old age rope work, eating fire, pole dancers, suspensions , music,  dancing and much more. It has a night every month with special themes like army or rubber, and you’re not allowed to come in ‘normal’ clothes. It has to be fetish. It’s a huge industry of latex, rubber, fake blood and cray head pieces. It’s a great night and highly recommended if you have a naughty side you want to explore. Anyway, stylists and fashion designers come to this night and steal idea from everyone. EVERYONE.

Look Familiar?

The image on the left is of a party goer at a Torture Garden Night in 2007. The image of Lady GaGa is in her music video ‘Paparazzi’ which was 2009

Looks very similar doesn’t it? Round sunglasses were brought back in the 90’s by Oasis front man Liam Gallagher, with his love of the Beatles and John Lennon, he still to this day imitates the shaggy 70’s haircut and glasses. They are now back thanks to Lady GaGa, or should I say the stylist from Haus of Gaga spotting this look in the fetish scene. Another costume oddness GaGa brought out in the

From A Torture Garden Stage Act

paparazzi video was the crutches as seen below. And in a show at Torture Garden used crutches too.

To be honest the list is endless. You only have to look through some of Torture Garden’s photos from the last 5 years to see Lady GaGa everywhere. How many times has gaga stepped out in Latex? hundreds. How many times has she used fake blood? A lot. The meat dress? So 5 years ago in the fetish scene. Lace covered face? Yep been done. metal corsets, hunched shoulders, huge shoulder pads, disco sticks, latex nuns outfits, extravagant head pieces, danger tape, In fact the whole Bad Romance video is reeking of Torture Garden. Actually scrap that, the whole of Born This Way album and tours reek of it. Leather, cross dressing, mermaids. All fetishes. Is the weird fashion oddball looking iconic at the moment?

NOT an original design

The biggest rip off I think GaGa has torn away from the fetish world is her Non Heeled High Heel shoes. She hardly goes out with out a pair glued to her toes. The incredible Louboutin has even made a pair for the Lady. But these design in shoes are not new. You can purchase your own in high street. Most probably there are 14 and 15 year old’s wearing them to they’re school proms and nights out. Well in case you didn’t know, Those shoes are designed by Horse Fetish goers. Yep. They are worn by woman who impersonate a horse, wears a saddle, a gag and lets men ride them around for sexual thrill. Each to their own, they’re not hurting anyone. But now their hooves are on sale with studs, glitter and buckles attached in all the shoe shops.

Actual shoe’s for the horse enthusiasts

All because of GaGa and Haus of GaGa stole the fetish worlds ideas, tricks, designs and loves.

Now I’m not saying “how dare GaGa does this!!”, if there was no copying in the world, we’d be pretty bare. And she does sometimes put her own twists in these designs. I just think the world should know what and where they all come from. A lot of prudes would not be impressed. I’m an open-minded girl and a lover of latex, (that’s for another post) so I’m not upset by the meat dress (though I’m a vegetarian, saying that I thought it was a good thing to put in the public, people thought it was disgusting, but wearing cow’s skin is fine? hmmm for another time) Or the PVC and heelless shoes. But don’t hail yourself as a creative fashion genius, a quirky trend setter who has thought of it herself. At least recognize you are influenced by the fetish scene.

Shes done a pretty good job of ripping off Madonna, and an even better job ripping off the fetish scene. Fashion icon? More like Fashion Fake.

RH xXx


6 Responses to “Lady GaGa: Fashion Icon or Fashion Fake?”

  1. nerdgirl101 October 14, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    So glad someone has finally done an article on her in terms of her fashion!

    • retroholly October 15, 2012 at 9:46 am #

      Thanks 🙂 it drives me mad knowing people who work very hard in the fetish fashion world, then she turns up and claims its her! Never mind! xxxx

      • nerdgirl101 October 15, 2012 at 9:58 am #

        I agree! Do you want to work in the fsahion industry then??

      • retroholly October 15, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

        Yes I want to be a fashion journalist, hopefully starting next year in university 😀

      • nerdgirl101 October 15, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

        Wicked! I hope to do that too in 2 years at a UCA College 🙂

      • retroholly October 16, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

        That’s one I’m applying for lol!

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